Battle of the Bands

Create something that makes a difference.

May 19, 2018
Emerald Glen Park 3-8PM
Dublin, CA


The Six Thirty band started in 2015 when they wanted to perform for Dublin High School's homecoming festival. After their first performance, they were hooked. They continued to learn better songs and after many hours of practicing, they had a setlist. As they played more gigs, they became very fortunate to acquire a supportive and loving fan base within and outside our Dublin community. They love performing their music, and hope one day you'll get to see why!

Grandma's Cat

Grandma's Cat was formed in the spring of 2016 when Reese Posten (Guitar / Lead Vocals) and Alexander Hauer-Molero (Bass / Backing Vocals) met at a middle school swing dance competition (they were playing the music, not dancing. It's better that way). From there they recruited their power center 6' 3" Joe Seaman (Drums). After putting together an initial set of mostly covers from the likes of Green Day, The Foo Fighters, Weezer and the Black Keys they began their journey of performing as a band. Playing the stages of local art and wine festivals, farmers markets and anywhere else there was a mic and a stage. At the same time Reese started bringing original music and lyrics to rehearsals, and as time went on those originals started showing up in their sets. While playing the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival, they made friends with the band Get Out, who introduced them to a local promoter, who then booked them for an artist showcase at the fabled DNA Lounge in San Francisco. This show was their first show where the set was made up of mostly original music, from that point on the cover band went away and Grandma's Cat has continue to grow their catalog of original music and fan base. They've gone on to play venues like Brick and Mortar, St. James Gate, Backyard Coffee, Indie Band Music fest and others.

Novicain Road

Novicain Road began in Ursella’s bedroom, where she and Gabby started writing simple but well rehearsed songs. Soon, they were introduced to Jack, a bassist who contributed the spunk they most desired. The girls began to vibe and write together as they searched for a drummer, who ended up being Mia. After months of performing as a four-piece, the band completed their line up by recruiting Jayden as a second guitarist. As of late 2016, Mia left her position as a drummer, ad Jayden took it over. Being a diverse group of girls, Novicain Road writes diverse music. Influences include hard hitting bands like Hole, Alice In Chains, and Rage Against The Machine, but also artists not typically considered heavy, such as Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala.

Unpopular Opinion

Unpopular Opinion is a rock-and-roll / garage punk band from the SF Peninsula. Their lineup consists of Nick Abraham on guitar and vocals, Ben Redlawsk on bass and vocals, and Jacob Givens on drums. The band members are 16-year-old high school juniors who play almost all originals with one or two covers thrown in. They are in the midst of mixing their debut album Punkernickel and their favorite pastime is playing Super Smash Bros at band practice.


Charge! was founded in 2014 by a group of then middle-school aged friends with the mission to explore invigorating and meaningful rock music that requires advanced skills to perform. The band’s member musicians enjoy performing together and hope to delight, uplift, and inspire their audiences. They have been working together for three years, performing classic rock covers (Black Sabbath, Rush, and Van Halen) at numerous festivals and county fairs, the famed Pier 39 in San Francisco, and at family friendly clubs, such as Devil's Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos, CA. All member musicians reside on the San Francisco Peninsula in California and are all attending high school this year.

Carpool Tunnel

Carpool Tunnel was formed in San Jose, California by Ben Koppenjan, Brad Kearsley, and Danniel Stauffer in the summer of 2017. After meeting through Vampr, an app that connects musicians to each other, the group quickly locked in bass player Spencer Layne and started writing. The group’s sound has been formed by the members’ diverse music taste. With aggressive drums, melodic bass, tasty guitar riffs, and subtle harmonies, Carpool Tunnel embodies the California indie rock sound with their unique twist.