Where: Emerald Glen Park, Dublin, CA

When: April 28th, 1 PM-7 PM

The Chefs

The Chefs band formed in the beginning of 2017 and holds 6 members, all from Dublin High School. Members of the band consist of lead singers Matthew Elises and Rohan Fonseka, along with their lead guitarist Jeetu Sujith, bass player Darren Cho, keyboard player Daniel Chai, and drummer Daniel Chen. Combining their last names they form “chchchef” and later, officially became The Chefs. Performing covers of different popular songs, they quickly gained popularity among their peers. From Bruno Mars to Panic At the Disco, The Chefs cover a variety of different artists while putting their own rock twist on these originals. Their love of performing shines through with their high energy shows at birthdays, charity events, and showcases. They hope to continue sharing their love of music and are excited to be competing again in this year’s Battle of the Bands!

The Side Project

The Side Project began in 2014 as a high school trio that wanted to jam after school and write punk rock music. They have gathered some attention playing at high schools, benefit shows, and house shows around the East Bay and are currently working on new material. Last year, they've recruited drummer Daniel Hospitalier and bass player Tallon Avery both from the Castro Valley band, Vivifyd. They are inspired by bands like Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, and The Beatles. If you’re a fan of punk, indie, bedroom-pop, sad energetic music, and internet memes, you’ve found the right band. Their music talks about lives growing up in East Bay California, dealing with relationships, loneliness, boredom, and 80’s movies. They look forward to reaching out to new listeners and to craft their own sound. They are also open to new band names so DM them on Instagram!


Resky is a young indie/rock band from East Bay California. The band was originally formed between singer/guitarist Angel Starr and guitarist David Cook in a high school guitar class. After many lineup changes, David was replaced with guitarist Mat Gracias (which they have met through the band “The Cause”) along with the addition of high school friends: Kyle Libatique on drums and Logan Littlefield on bass. With their influences based around grunge, punk, progressive and psychedelic rock, Resky forms a brick wall of distortion decorated by dynamics and soft guitar melodies. Their songs about their views on life, society, and state of mind test the ways we are raised to view the world. Continuing to play shows in the Berkeley and San Francisco area, they plan to release many singles before releasing their first EP in late 2019.