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Welcome to Expo Hacks III!

Expo Hacks is a high school hackathon — that is, an intensive twelve-hour programming event where students work in teams to develop various software projects. The award categories of this hackathon include health, buisness, and education. Meet people with the same passion for creating as you and participate in some of our numerous workshops to learn about different skills you can use to compete in the competition. Sign up now to win some amazing prizes!


Dublin High School




Who can participate?

Any high school student can participate in all of our events. If you've graduated from high school but still want to participate, feel free to contact us to inquire into being a mentor!

How do I form or join a team?

There will be a session at the beginning of the hackathon for you to meet others and form teams. Each team may have a maximum of four (4) people. You will also be invited to our Slack one week before the event starts; feel free to start making connections with other students there!

What should I bring?

Bring a valid student ID, a laptop, chargers, and power strips if necessary. We’ll supply an area for you to hang out.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Just remember to add them to your application when you sign up — we’ll be sure to accommodate you! Please note that we do offer vegetarian options for all of our meals.

Who runs Expo Hacks?

Expo Hacks is run by the umbrella organization otherwise known as the Tri-Valley Youth Expo. We are comprised of a group of students from across the Tri-Valley. You can learn more about us when you meet the team

Prize Categories


Health has always been a field where issues are created just as often as they are solved. While epidemics such as the infamous chicken pox and measles are almost fully eradicated, cancer, obesity, and other degenerative diseases are facing our society today. And that isn’t all — there are plenty of physical and mental disabilities that limit other people’s ability to succeed. In Health, your goal is to help make the world a safe, inclusive place — with a project that makes someone’s life easier, whether it’s a modern-day text-to-speak program or an ingenious app for quick medical communication.


We’re in Silicon Valley, the core of American entrepreneurship — and ultra-competitive, at that! Students participating in Expo Hacks will get to see a combination of tech and business that will coalesce to show them what exactly the Tri-Valley is about; the versatile application of online skills to problems that aren’t only faced by ordinary people, but startups and corporations as well. Let your passion for tech take you above and beyond — accept no limits!


School is a staple in most people’s lives for more than a decade — and education is an area in tech that can often go overlooked. What do you think is a problem your school needs to solve? What issue do you know you can fix? Use your skills to create multi-faceted, inventive, accessible solutions. And remember, use your imagination — education can encompass an enterprising way to raise female education rates in developing countries or address poverty in systems all around the world. It’s all about knowledge; use yours to help educate the world!


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